Sometimes you get to do a little project that is Cowgirl Soul to the Core!


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Southern Cowgirl Boudoir!  A little Kacey Musgrave’s and little Miranda Lambert – a WHOLE LOT of class and sass!

Sparkle and Spur,

Dustie Bill

“There is fierce beauty in a woman whose confidence comes from experience, a woman who knows she can fail, pick herself up and carry on!” ~ DB

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Sparkle and Spur

Since I have been blessed with the amazing opportunity to have some of my Cowgirl Soul Prints displayed in the halls of St. Anthony’s Shawnee Hospital.  I’ve been asked several times in the past couple of months what exactly “Sparkle and Spur” means and why do I put it on everything.

Wellllll, already feeling vulnerable having the world pass by art, that comes from my heart, everyday in the halls.  I figure why not share a little more into what makes up the core of Cowgirl Soul and how my mantra “Sparkle and Spur” came to be.  Why I sign every piece with it, sign every letter, put it on my engraved jewelry and even have considered a tattoo of it, …….It’s tough to put the words to paper.

I came across a poem from circa 2006 (below) and was going through a sort of personal cleanse – but it’s right and it’s real. Although it needed a little revision – and an ending 🙂  call it “poetry in motion”, call it a season of truth, call it what you will…… i choose transparency to help others and honesty. I’m in a season of it.


So the short version if you care to know is this:  I was a 20 year old college student at OSU going through normal 20-year-old college girl things things.  Studying for school and in my free time studying for Miss Rodeo USA.  I was home from Christmas break in 2002 when I got the news my dad was involved in a fatality auto accident.  I was faced with all kinds of things – but one choice that needed to be made was if I was going to continue with the pageant or withdrawal with less than one month away.  It was a battle of the mind and the heart.  It all seemed so vain in the scope of life at the moment, but I felt called to pursue the crown – with a new motivation and a new inspiration.

First I needed a way to channel the grief I was stuck in.  So that is how “Sparkle and Spur” became my tag line, and my mantra for life.  It‘s like a duck that is cool and smooth above water but below he’s paddling like hell under the water.  I needed to be able to Sparkle and Spur no matter what – and it has stuck ever since.

If you’re still reading 🙂 and you’re interested in the long, read between the lines and around the block poetry kinda read.  Below is a poem I wrote in 2006 and have revised in 2018 – just trying to purge words onto paper. It is what it is – until it isn’t anymore –

“Sparkle and Spur”
Innocent, fresh and right off of the Farm
She was a “good girl” graced with southern charm
Little Blue Chevy Truck with big muddy tires
Cowgirl soul, livin on dirt roads with rusty barbwire

Rural Route fields and gravel roads under her boots.
Ambition, bright eyed and planted deep in her roots
Green as the tractor she grew up on,
Those days behind her and now long gone –

One more summer hometown party before hitting the books
he turned her world upside down — all It took was one little look

On the high of her life, riding fast without the reins
Reckless and young with him running in her veins.
Nothing could stop her, so young and so free
Ready to run and ready to flee

The visit home from college break
One trip she wished she hadn’t made — A knock on the door and everything changed
“I’m sorry to tell you there’s been an accident,
and there’s not much good to tell you – you’re dad’s been in it.”

The rest is a blur – a complete tailspin
Although at that same moment a heartbeat within
My whole being was shaken and reeling with grief,
Questions and worry – internal grieving makes time a real Thief

I did a lot of things out of fear, ego and pride –
it’s not who I wanted to be or how I wanted to die

I hurt people I loved, selfishly did things I can’t take back
thankful for mercy and grace or I might not have found my way back
on a downward spiral slide, chasing dotted white lines,
jumping from vice to vice and paying the fines.

Too fuzzy to remember
Too painful to resist
Too embarrassed to be transparent
Too ashamed to revisit

With a pageant coming up – one I’d worked for all year long
It had come time to come up from drowning — it was time to be strong.

But it all just seemed so vain – all of the glam and the glitz
and I needed a sign or a mantra to get me past calling it quits

My confidence was lacking, it had only been a month
I was anxious to fall flat on my face –
I was afraid the emotions would overflow from my cup.

More like hot choked-down whiskey that I swallowed down tight
pushed down deep – tried to cover up with a chaser –so they didn’t see me weak.

I just kept marching on – cowgirls don’t look back
so much emotions – so much drama
Time would surly cut me some slack?

My dad didn’t appreciate quitters – we had that common ground
now wasn’t the time for victims or pity – it was time to win that crown.

I felt called to “Cowgirl Up” but that seemed so cliché
and I felt a load of responsibility so I kneeled down on my knees and prayed
Boy did I pray, I think the heavens surely heard it – I shouted and I lost my pride
Let it all out – not my normal – usually pushing pain aside.

When it came time for the buckaroos to ask for signatures, smiles and photos
I could not just stand like a statue and go through the motions
I would rise to the occasion
So I drafted and doodled and brainstormed on pages
and I dug and I dug and I dug down deep
for a mantra to carry me through the times that felt too dark and steep

I would pack up my sequins, my leather, boots and fringe
Leave my phone on the charger, because outside communication is a sin 
and I would be the best Damn Miss Rodeo Queen runner-up, empty handed or
with a win.

I needed a slogan that was catchy – one that was light and Dustie Bill
One that incorporated the cowgirls and the cowboys and wasn’t overkill
Something that reminded me of the good times
and pushed me through the grinds

I closed my eyes up tight that night and I said my prayers for sure
I thanked God for just pushing me to that point and asked him to will my heart pure
I woke up at peace and out of my grief stricken blur
and I knew it was damn time to “Sparkle and Spur”

My dad named me Dustie because it shined on the back of a western belt
and I’d be more disappointed in myself if I didn’t make it count
‘Dustie Bill’ belts aren’t made to be sit upon no shelf

So I painted my lips and I shaped up my hat
threw back a shot, gathered my baggage and that was that –

I signed program after program “Sparkle and Spur”
and the more that I prayed it – the more that it worked.
I needed something just for me that I could tuck close to my heart
so that when the going got tough I’d know just where to start.

Right here in my heart where the good Lord knows he’s close
gotta put up with the thorns to enjoy the beauty of the rose

Sparkle and Spurrin a place into their hearts
The Rodeo Queen just doing her part
Nothing fancy or fake – just a girl practicing grit and grace
only with the Lord on my side could I get to that place.

Long after that time of pageants and lights
sequins, glam and all the photos
I still go to that place when life gets down low
there’s times in life where it rises up again slow
Sparkle and Spurrin is all that I know –

Perception is never reality – real reality is too honest to share
Hit the books, hit the glass, hit the neon lights
Earrings, smile, everything tight
That’s not how “good girls” act right?
But that’s just a chapter not the end.

And although it still stings
long over the years it’s been replaced by things
like blessings and babies and love stories

I sign all my pieces of art, carry it deep in my heart
It reminds me I can make a fresh start and be stronger in the dark
Helps keep me to steady when we are apart
and teaches me to spread love through Art

Sometimes half past too late, sometimes the plane is delayed
things don’t always go our way – and we may suffer, and we can sway
People make promises that they don’t keep, we find out the hard way talk is cheap
We have to stand up for what is right, even when we don’t feel up for the fight

Sometimes the trail has to be blazed
whatever may come your way – always, promise always –
Life isn’t meant to be lived in a blur
Life teaches us when the going gets tough we gotta
“Sparkle and Spur”

~Dustie Bill



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At the End of the Day……

At the End of the Day.jpg

“At the End of the day, the only questions I will ask myself are…..Did I love enough?  Did I love enough?  Did I laugh enough? Did I do something to make a difference?”  ~ Anonymous


Sparkle and Spur

Dustie Bill

Rural Route Collection 2018

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Art Therapy ~ Cowgirl Soul Prints

Cowgirl Soul Prints is so very honored to be the feature art at St. Anthony Shawnee Hospital on the Galley Wall in the hospital’s West Tower from now until May.

The St. Anthony Shawnee Hospital Gallery Wall is curated by the Mabee-Gerrer Museum of Art.

HELLO THERE! If you are visiting the site for the first time because you have been directed here from the Gallery.  I have now reopened my page and the link can be found at the bottom.  From now until May you can get 30% off anything in the Etsy shop by using the Promo Code: GALLERY


I have NEVER been more honored to be a part of something – my hope is that Cowgirl Soul is able to bring some color to the walls of the hospital and that the photos allow people to stop and be taken into a place other than the hospital. As we ourselves have roamed these same halls.


My very own step-dad Randy Gilbert was treated at St. Anthony Shawnee Hospital in their Cancer Center and not only is a top notch facility their treatment, care, doctors and employees are EXCEPTIONAL! I hope that others come to appreciate my hometown of Pottawatomie County as they experience the “Rural Route” Collection.

My prayer is that these photos help heal in a way – Art Therapy is REAL – this very art helps me too. I hope the photos take the audience to another place. Away from whatever is troubling their minds and hearts and that they are transported to a place of peace. Even for just a brief second.

So thankful for all your abundance of love, support and encouragement.

Thank you for supporting Cowgirls!
Sparkle and Spur

Dustie Bill

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Sun Kissed

“Just give me flowers and the trees.” ~DB


Sparkle and Spur

Dustie Bill

Canola Fields

#RuralRouteCollection #BethelAcresOK

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Sparkle and Spur MONAT Madness

“Life isn’t perfect but your hair can be”

This pretty girl and her pretty horse and her GORGEOUS hair made me wanna do something about my own BORING HAIR!IMG_4209

FIRST I Cowgirl Pinkie Promise not to start posting anything but beautiful photographs (like the one above and below) and recent goodness from Cowgirl Soul Photography on this blog — but IN sharing goodness I feel compelled to shout from the roof tops one of the BEST things since photography that has been taking up some of my life here lately.  Because if you don’t hear about it from me — you WILL be hearing about it from someone else because it is THAT AMAZING!




My heart feels like its doing a disservice to you by NOT sharing what I know, what I have learned and the most frequently asked questions about Monat that I get.

Monat is Anti-Aging, Plant-Based, Natural-Regrowth HAIR CARE GOODNESS!!!


I am a twin mama to one boy and one girl twin.  My daughter was not graced with the best hair genetics (bless her heart) and so this sweet girlfriend gave me a half used bottle of the Monat Junior Line to “try” and so I did.  I’ll be………darned…….IT WORKS.  I called her up to inform her that her magic unicorn hair shampoo WORKED.  She wasn’t as surprised as I was. 🙂


I CAN NOT say ENOUGH great things about the Monat Junior Line.  Omgoodness Bless My Own Heart that I hadn’t been using this from the START with my babies.



The Monat Junior Line contains ZERO toxins or chemicals.  All of the Monat Junior Line products are tear, sulfate, and paraben FREE.  Safe and Gentle for your babies.  Plant Based.  Dermatologist and Ophthalmologist tested.  I can NOT believe what I have been lathering my southern sweeties up in for all these years.  I thought I was a very conscious consumer until I REALLY started doing my research.


It started working so well on my daughter that I started having hair envy from my toddler.  I started reading everything and anything I could about this amazing company and this liquid shampoo amazingness.  After two pregnancies, stress and LIFE – my hair had paid the price.  SO I JUMPED ALL IN and I became a Market Partner for Monat.  I got rid of any hair product that wasn’t Monat.  I decided that if I was going to do it I was going to have to be committed.  90 days clinically prooven to see results — and I was about to be everyone’s Guinea pig. I had NOTHING to Lose.  But GUESS WHAT?  The products WORK! BOY DO THEY WORK!


Monat’s ingredients are naturally-based, safe, PURE and sustainable.  Modern Nature.  I’m HOOKED!  Safe AND Effective!


YA’ll MY HAIR!!!! I wished I would have started sooner! Here in the South us ladies take our hair SERIOUS and this is SERIOUSLY AMAZING STUFF! Need to know more……. 


Want some Monat FACTS: (Monat Clinical Study Information)
Men and Women BOTH reported
*100% increase in natural shine
*88% increase in manageability
*76% increase in collagen directly increasing follicle size.
*70% increase in repair effect improving hair anchoring
*58% decrease in fiber breakage
*55% decrease in breakage and brittleness
*48% decrease in DHT (hormone) that contributes to hair loss
*46% increase in hair growth
*35% increase in hair follicle strength

ZERO Parabens, Sulfates, DEA/MEA, Phthalates, PEG, Phenoxyehanol, Ethanol, Petrochemicals, Glutens, Sodium Chloride, Harsh Salt Systems, Harmful Colors and Harmful Fragrances.

My Current Regimen is……… ALL OF IT 🙂 Kidding – Kinda! 🙂 I told you I was ALL IN – and I’m a hard sell.


But to be more specific.  My first wash is with the Monat Intense Repair Shampoo.  I use a quarter sized amount, concentrating on my roots and I rinse it out after two minutes.  No suds with the first wash.

My second wash is with the Monat Renew Shampoo.  Same routine, but this time SUDS A PLENTY.  I let it sit for two minutes and rinse thoroughly.  I follow up with the Monat Revitalize Conditioner, putting it ONLY on my ends and rinsing out immediately.

After my shower I spray the Monat Intense Repair Treatment spray along my hair line and on my part that is thin as well as the Monat Root Lifting Spray.  I spray the Monat Junior Line Detangler all over.  I rub ONE DROP of their AMAZING Monat Rejuveniqe Oil on my ends.  Brush with my WET BRUSH and blow dry.

I do have to add here that I am in LOVE with the Monat Blow Out Cream when I want to have my big ole southern hair smooth but rocking with volume then blow dry.  Or if I’m having one of those days where I want to scrunch my hair I also LOVE the Monat Toussal Texturizing Mist and blow dry.  ENDLESS Possibilities!!! 🙂 ALWAYS Shiny Happy Hair as the end result.

I try to remember to use the Monat Replenishing Masque once a week for a deep treatment or as needed if I feel the weather changing or I’ve traveled and my hair feels like it needs a little TLC.

But I ALWAYS remember to take my S3 Supplements Daily.  That has been a HUGE help Power Boosting my hair through the transition stage.

The Champ Monat Dry Shampoo is also this MAMMA’s LIFE SAVER! It’s amazing and I’ve used a LOT if Dry Shampoos — dare I even say its the best dry shampoo on the market.  I truly stand behind that statement!

IMG_5485 I love Monat so much that I converted my whole family into a Monat Family.  My husband suffers from Celiac Disease (BLESS YOU if you do too).  This journey has taught us a lot about Gluten and what is in our products.  Guess what?  Monat is VEGAN and GLUTEN FREE!! He started with the Monat Men’s Black Shampoo/Conditioner.   He was my Guinee Pig and not a single flare up — and he was scared to trust me when I said I’d done my research — because as many other Celiac well know….just because something says it’s Gluten Free it very often isn’t.  Looking for the BEST Gluten-Free Shampoo that also helps with regrowth AND anti-aging……..MONAT to the rescue!  He’s also tested the styling clay, shaving cream and aftershave lotion – he’s a FAN of them all.  MY MONAT MAN!!!! 🙂


In Case you are wondering what my new obsession is now that my hair is off and growing…… Monat Eye Wonder is AMAZING and non-toxic and these are my own personal results after just 2 MONTHS!!
BELOW RIGHT:  Top photo Aug 2017 – Bottom Photo October 2017

THE MOST FAQ’s I receive about Monat:

Is it expensive?  Depends on what you consider expensive.  If you find yourself in a big chain store spending $30 on a BIG bottle every month – well, compared to that NO……Monat is SO concentrated that it take a very small amount – Even though it’s a two wash system you still save money in the long run if you do the math.  Monat Math below 🙂 I have saved myself SO much money in the long run by sticking with and being loyal to my Monat.  Although my hair is growing like crazy – it’s healthy and shiny and my color lasts SO much longer!


How long is the average transition stage “detox”?  Everyone is different and so is their hair.  Not everyone experiences a transition stage.  Monat is 90-days clinically proven.  I can tell you that my transition stage took about a month.  During that time my roots seemed greasy and my hair was full of tangles after the shower.  I switched up my shampoo from the Monat Renew Shampoo to the Monat Intense Treatment Repair.  I also changed from the Monat Restore Leave-In Conditioner to the Monat Revitalization Conditioner. What I didn’t do was GIVE up.  I was invested and it was time to COWGIRL UP – I’m SO glad I did.  After a couple washed my hair had transitioned into shiny and healthy hair again instead of dull and sad and lifeless.

Will your hair care line work for me?  We are all beautiful in our own way with our own unique hair concerns.  Some people love Monat after the first wash and never change their line.  Some need to switch it up a couple times.  Maybe you hair is shedding after pregnancy.  Maybe you have curly hair, course, brittle or damaged hair.  Don’t be afraid to switch it up or voice your concerns to your Monat Market Partner.

What should I start with?  I always suggest a shampoo and conditioner combo.  The best savings of course come with the combo lines.  This is also where it’s a great time to ask questions or research about the different lines that Monat offers. I don’t want you to experience anything but #shinyhappyhair during the #healthyhairrevolution

How do I get my hands on some of this goodness?  You can purchase retail, become a VIP member, or a Market Partner.  I’d love to help answer ANY questions you have when it comes to Monat and what they have to offer you.  From hair changes to life changes Monat offers it all.

If you are a salon owners or hairstylists and are interested in more information about Monat and how you can make 40% commissions without inventory – I know a lot of ladies in that field too that I would be more happy to put you in touch with to help answer any questions you might have.


Monat is taking the Hair Care Industry By Storm – you heard it here first – Monat sold more in the month of October 2017 than they sold in the whole year of 2016.  Monat is an opportunity I can’t just keep to myself.  Please do yourself a favor and check it out.

Worst Case Scenario you got a great box of amazing hair care –  Best Case Scenario that box and the opportunity inside change your life FOREVER.  There is a 30 day monay back guarantee (with a less than 1% return rate) HOW ABOUT THEM APPLES?!
How do you think the first thousand Rodan and Fields Partners feel today.  Monat is THREE YEARS OLD…… Opportunity has never been better! 🙂 It’s too good for me to selfishly keep to myself.

Interested in learning more please click the link below.  Or ask away. Please.  Monat #OpensDoors and I’d love to help you have your Hair A Rockin’


You can follow me:
Facebook at MONAT Sparkle_Spur_Shampoo
Instagram @Sparkle_Spur_Shampoo_Monat
Search #MonatTestimonials #MonatTestemony to see BEFORE/AFTERS of Men and Women

Sparkle and Spur

Dustie Bill

“And one day she discovered that she was fierce and strong and full of fire and that not even she could hold herself back because her passion burned brighter than her fears.”
~Mark Anthony



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Christmas Dreams Come True

I had an awakening — one of those life ones that makes you rethink everything you are doing.  In your life, with your life — the kind that makes you stare yourself in the mirror at your own image and consciously dissect the details to see the raw honesty of your heart.

I didn’t like what it revealed – so I did something about it.  I JUMPED.  Fearful and unsure — I had a Christmas Dream.  I prayed about it, talked to my husband and family about it, made a plan, built a goal and jumped OVER the fear and into a dreamy cloud of DREAM LAND where it all came true!

I couldn’t thank you all enough who have supported my Cowgirl Soul Photography Dream.  Thank you to the ones who encouraged me.  Pushed me.  Let me “practice” on you and your families and your new babies……..(you know who you are) Thank you for loving me through it all.

Cowboy Santa came to Crossing Hearts Ranch in Tecumseh, Oklahoma with his big green tractor for a Country Christmas Experience – Cowboy Santa Mini Session and it was AMAZING.  My Christmas Dream Come True – early too.  Little Buck-a-roos from all over came to see Cowboy Santa. PicMonkey CollageI have always wanted to do a mini session but I have let fear and anxiety stand in my way or talk me out of it.  I have NO idea why.  It was nothing short of amazing – watching the magic of the upcoming season through the eyes of little ones.  Seeing old friend and making new ones.  Setting a goal and achieving it.  Reading all the Santa letters from the children (what sweethearts) you all have.  It couldn’t have been a better season to see all your smiling faces.


None of this experience would have been possible without the help of some amazing people.  My family and friends pitched in to make it look like a festive winter wonderland.  Helped with the hot cocoa and crafts.  My mom made her famous no-bake cookies and Cowboy Santa was a hit with all the children – impressing most of them with his tractor lights.  My old friends and some new friends came to support and join in the festivities.  I appreciate you all more than my words could ever do justice.



I am a twin mama to babies that will turn 4 in January + a darling 2 year old boy who mama got all dolled up last year in the most uncomfortable clothes known to babies and we drove an hour to Bass Pro to walk in and see the longest line of my life.  We left there an hour later after looking at the fish and everyone leaving with new fishing gear.  No Santa Photos.  My husband later stated that was the most expensive non-Santa photos we’d ever taken! HA!

So bound and determined to get my darlings all lined up with Santa we check the mall calendar to which we discover you must now have an appointment (who knew)?  I ended up spending way too much money on Mall Santa photos last year where all three of my children are crying.  I swore never again.

This year I decided to make our own Christmas magic.  In a more relaxing and less stressful way and boy was it.  Each family had a designated time and it was fun and interactive.

IMG_0320What I didn’t realize until after this whole weekend of mini’s were over and Santa flew back to the north pole is that I only got my Legend with Santa.  Not the other two.  LE SIGH ~


My cup runneth over. Thankful, Grateful and Blessed.  Thank you for sharing your family with ours.  We hope you all have a blessed holiday season.

The below photo is what it looks like when I try to photograph my own family – in the Oklahoma wind – with a new camera and a remote control. 🙂 But #reallife #stillLife and I just had to show off my cute new little red chair.  I love them so.


Let’s get reconnected! 🙂

You can find me on Facebook at Cowgirl Soul Photography and on Instagram @cowgirlSoulPhotography

Sparkle and Spur

Dustie Bill

” What if Christmas, he thought, doesn’t come from a store.
What if Christmas…perhaps…means a little bit more!”
― Dr. Seuss, How the Grinch Stole Christmas!


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