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Secret Spot…

I LOVE stained glass…everything about it! The colors and the way the lights make them pop and if you’ve ever been to my house then you know my love affair with decorating my house in crosses.  They hold a special … Continue reading

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Crispy Country Corn…

I know that almost all my posts reference the Oklahoma heat….but these pictures are going to tell the story on their own.  The farmers here are praying for rain.  Crispy Country Corn… Sparkle and Spur ~Dustie Then plough deep while … Continue reading

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Day 38- Hatched

So the little eggs that I stumbled upon a couple of weeks ago in my flower baskets have come to life and HATCHED!   These little darlings are SO cute I wanted to just pick them up and fluff their … Continue reading

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It’s Oklahoma and it’s hay season….although really it’s been so dry it’s “everyone is looking for hay” season.     I caught a glimpse of this round bale in particular and found a HEART….do you see it?   I LOVE the … Continue reading

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Day 35 – Summertime Shade

Summertime shade is a must in this heat and practicing my black and white people photography was the assignment today so……cover up those angel kisses (AKA: freckles) ladies!   Sparkle and Spur ~Dustie “A girl without freckles is like a … Continue reading

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You’re a Pistol…

I LOVE my fish tank and my dear fish who provide this “Anxious Annie” many minutes of relaxing entertainment after a long day at work while they swim around in their tank.  When I‘m in my living room I can … Continue reading

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Day 34 – Early Bird catches the Worm…

Remember how I said about those early morning umpire drop offs at the airport are stinky?…..well, the early bird can catch the worm at 6 a.m. if you’re into taking sky pictures like this chick-a-dee! J Gooooood Morning my friends! … Continue reading

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