Christmas Dreams Come True

I had an awakening — one of those life ones that makes you rethink everything you are doing.  In your life, with your life — the kind that makes you stare yourself in the mirror at your own image and consciously dissect the details to see the raw honesty of your heart.

I didn’t like what it revealed – so I did something about it.  I JUMPED.  Fearful and unsure — I had a Christmas Dream.  I prayed about it, talked to my husband and family about it, made a plan, built a goal and jumped OVER the fear and into a dreamy cloud of DREAM LAND where it all came true!

I couldn’t thank you all enough who have supported my Cowgirl Soul Photography Dream.  Thank you to the ones who encouraged me.  Pushed me.  Let me “practice” on you and your families and your new babies……..(you know who you are) Thank you for loving me through it all.

Cowboy Santa came to Crossing Hearts Ranch in Tecumseh, Oklahoma with his big green tractor for a Country Christmas Experience – Cowboy Santa Mini Session and it was AMAZING.  My Christmas Dream Come True – early too.  Little Buck-a-roos from all over came to see Cowboy Santa. PicMonkey CollageI have always wanted to do a mini session but I have let fear and anxiety stand in my way or talk me out of it.  I have NO idea why.  It was nothing short of amazing – watching the magic of the upcoming season through the eyes of little ones.  Seeing old friend and making new ones.  Setting a goal and achieving it.  Reading all the Santa letters from the children (what sweethearts) you all have.  It couldn’t have been a better season to see all your smiling faces.


None of this experience would have been possible without the help of some amazing people.  My family and friends pitched in to make it look like a festive winter wonderland.  Helped with the hot cocoa and crafts.  My mom made her famous no-bake cookies and Cowboy Santa was a hit with all the children – impressing most of them with his tractor lights.  My old friends and some new friends came to support and join in the festivities.  I appreciate you all more than my words could ever do justice.



I am a twin mama to babies that will turn 4 in January + a darling 2 year old boy who mama got all dolled up last year in the most uncomfortable clothes known to babies and we drove an hour to Bass Pro to walk in and see the longest line of my life.  We left there an hour later after looking at the fish and everyone leaving with new fishing gear.  No Santa Photos.  My husband later stated that was the most expensive non-Santa photos we’d ever taken! HA!

So bound and determined to get my darlings all lined up with Santa we check the mall calendar to which we discover you must now have an appointment (who knew)?  I ended up spending way too much money on Mall Santa photos last year where all three of my children are crying.  I swore never again.

This year I decided to make our own Christmas magic.  In a more relaxing and less stressful way and boy was it.  Each family had a designated time and it was fun and interactive.

IMG_0320What I didn’t realize until after this whole weekend of mini’s were over and Santa flew back to the north pole is that I only got my Legend with Santa.  Not the other two.  LE SIGH ~


My cup runneth over. Thankful, Grateful and Blessed.  Thank you for sharing your family with ours.  We hope you all have a blessed holiday season.

The below photo is what it looks like when I try to photograph my own family – in the Oklahoma wind – with a new camera and a remote control. 🙂 But #reallife #stillLife and I just had to show off my cute new little red chair.  I love them so.


Let’s get reconnected! 🙂

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Sparkle and Spur

Dustie Bill

” What if Christmas, he thought, doesn’t come from a store.
What if Christmas…perhaps…means a little bit more!”
― Dr. Seuss, How the Grinch Stole Christmas!



About dustiebill

Born, raised and still trying to live life as an Oklahoma cowgirl. I have a travel loving soul and I LOVE photography. My blog has started out as a place for me to post my 365 photo-a-day challenge....I have now found a love for fine art. Specifically Horse or Western Inspired Photography. I love my husband, kids, DIY projects, horses, wine, lightening, post-it notes, colored sharpie markers, trolling garage sales, baseball, cooking, shopping, working outside in the garden and living a simple country life. If you own a piece of our work you own more than just a piece of art. Thank you for supporting cowgirls. Sparkle and Spur Dustie Bill
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