I’ve loved horse since I can remember and I loved photography since 4-H introduced me at nine years old.  My first camera was a Kodak 110 with a flash cube. (Go ahead and google that one kids) 🙂 I’m a wife, a mother to twins + one.  I’m an Oklahoma cowgirl.

Cameras and my photography have evolved over the years.  In 2011 I challenged myself to a 365 photo-a-day project that helped me start this blog. It helped me practice, learn and work on my photography.  My friends were sweet to let me take pictures of their sweet babies and families and I learned more.  I’ve worked in Public Relations and Higher Education and currently my photography is taking me back to my roots – horses.  I’m starting to focus more on Fine Art Photography prints. Cowgirl Soul Prints.

You can find us at: http://www.etsy.com/shop/CowgirlSoulPrints

My husband makes my heart happier than a slew of wild running horses. My kids they all do they same. There is nothing I love more than being a mom.

If you own a piece of my work then you own a piece of my heart and soul. When you purchase something you’ll own more than just a piece of art.

Sparkle and Spur
~Dustie Bill



Thank you for supporting cowgirls!  I have a lot of support from family and friends who let me stretch my creative wings on them.  Thank you!



10 Responses to About

  1. Your photos/about page rocks!! The colors and setup of the first photo are great, and your personality seems to shine through in it.

  2. Carol Round says:

    I just have to say that I love your blog and photos, especially the one of my handsome grandson, Clint Andrew Round. Thanks for taking such wonderful photos of him.

    • dustiebill says:

      Carol Thank you so much for stopping by my blog!! I am SO glad you like them….all I needed was a grandma approval! 😉 Those two ARE SO much alike haha! Cash was a PERFECT subject, my girlfriends are jealous I got to get my camera on him! 🙂 Come back and visit! 🙂

  3. Carol Round says:

    That should have been Cash Andrew Round. LOL They are so much alike, I mix up their names. LOL

  4. I really enjoy reading your blog. Your photos are beautiful! I have nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award.



    So glad I found your blog! Keep up the excellent work! ~ Red

  6. LoSheets says:

    I just want to say…. I am a cowgirl myself… who is engaged to an umpire…. it is so hard but i’m ok with the lifestyle because it is his dream ❤ You are so right that others don't understand… but I do… and I am so happy to see someone else understands what I am going through 🙂

    • dustiebill says:

      LoSheets I love you already!! 🙂 it’s a small sorority of us girls that belong to the “sisterhood of the traveling umpires” 🙂 it’s always nice to meet a fellow friend who understands! Come back and visit often, I look forward to chit chatting!!

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