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Day 284: O beautiful for spacious skies…

🙂 Riding in the car, coming “home”.  I couldn’t grab my camera fast enough (no I wasn’t driving this time) 🙂 haha! I’m just so darn PROUD to be an American…..and I LOVE to see Ole’ Glory flying high above … Continue reading

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Day 249: Favorite Tree…

My big ole favorite tree……. with my lil ole’ favorite town of Shawnee, Okla. all underneath it! 😉 Panoramic Practice Sparkle and Spur DB “Some days are simply made for playing.” ~Mary Anne Radmacher

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Day 224: A Collection

I have quite a fascination with bright and shiny things….especially big vintage cocktail rings!!  If it wouldn’t be too much to wear one on each finger I would change them out every day and give them their moment in the … Continue reading

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The EXTRA-ordinary…

Today’s challenge for photography class was making the ordinary a little EXTRA… my muse couldn’t be more simple but I loved the shadows, textures and bland color.   Sparkle and Spur Dustie Bill “Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may … Continue reading

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Day 203: Coastal Dreams…

I’m “cheating” again….and I’ve edited a send-in from the umpire who is on a ROLL with these beautiful coastal landscape shots!  🙂 Ohhhh how I LONG to be at the beach and feel the sun!   Jordan and the boys have really been hooked … Continue reading

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Moon Beams…

off the Daytona Beach shore……I’m cheating today and giving MAD photo credit to my talented umpire who sent me this from about 1,218 miles away where he’s working.  Not too shabby to have to go to bed to every night.  It’s … Continue reading

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Modern Technology…

 Today my muse is the electrical poles that you see in the distance…..Thank you electric companies for all you do to supply modern technology to us “country folk” that you so lovingly refer to living out in “BFE”……If you don’t … Continue reading

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