Buckskin Blues

“Buckskin Blues” is a multi-media collage from the new Cowgirl Dreams collection.


The new abstract line looks great on canvas or framed and is a great way to
add color and depth to an area.  These make great conversation pieces as the more you search the more layers you might find.

To browse the whole collection please visit
Etsy Absract Show

Thank you for supporting Cowgirls!

Sparkle and Spur
Dustie Bill

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Hi Friends! It’s been awhile…..

Hi friends! It feels so good to be back.

It’s been awhile since I’ve been on the blog. 🙂  A set of twins and another sweet baby has me in a new life.  With this new life has come different opportunity.

A fresh look……


A new direction……..


A new store on etsy……..


Along with my sister we are providing a way to own a piece of Oklahoma for yourself to jazz up your walls.  I recently was looking for something western to put up in my own house and after endless searching I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for so I made
it happen…..


Each piece comes sans watermark, signed by the photographer and handled with the upmost love before it is shipped off to you.

I hope that you visit often as we will be working to add new pieces regularly.  We would appreciate you helping us out by liking your favorite prints on our etsy shop so we can keep them in the shop and introduce new pieces to the collections.

Thank you for sticking around – and always for the love and support. Your feedback helps us tremendously.

Sparkle and Spur ~

Dustie Bill

~Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep. ~Scott Adams

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Grandma’s Gowns

Today at the store the nicest man helped me take my cart to my car and load all my things up. I believe the world is still good and chivalry is still alive but I have also come to the realization that I must look as huge as I feel! 🙂

I have some of my Ga-ga’s gowns that I have saved from when she passed away and we cleaned out her belongings. Some women love shoes but this woman loved nightgowns. I don’t know why but three of them caught my eye and besides a couple of frogs from her collection they were the only “things” that I wanted to keep. My memories of our times together were enough for me and still fill up my heart.

Funny enough these gowns are now some of the most comfy PJ’s I own. Maybe because I’m getting big as a house but at any rate, days at home encourage me to get my camera out and document these last few weeks of being pregnant, my growing belly and feeling these babies close. I know myself and I know I am going to miss this part.

bed rest2

bed rest3

bed rest4

bed rest5

bed rest6

bed rest7

As excited as I am for our babies arrival I love to feel them roll around in my belly. When they are tucked away in there they are quiet, always close to me, I can take them anywhere, get in and out of the store fast and I don’t have to worry about them as much as I will when they are here in this big scary world. 🙂

Sparkle and Spur
Dustie Bill

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Twin Bump-Date through 30 weeks

I left the last “bump-date” at 22 weeks and man how things have changed. I know I always say this but I really can’t believe how fast this pregnancy is rushing by. Especially when I look back through the pictures of this growing bump. I have LOVED being pregnant. I haven’t loved all the heartburn, extra weight or when an elbow gets in my ribs at 2 a.m., but I have such a new respect and outlook on my body that I never had before. God is amazing!

I am officially 30 weeks and we have 7 weeks or less until these two bundles of joy get here. I pray that I can go all the way to 37 weeks. I have never felt SO good. We have felt SO blessed that everything has gone so well and these babies have been behaving and following the rules too. They are just growing and so am I and they keep getting stronger by the day.

Week 23

Week 24

Week 25

I missed Week 26 😦

Week 27

Week 28

Week 29

Week 30

My husband is away with his job for the next three weeks and so there are extra prayers that all continues to go smooth. Especially until he gets back home to us. My doctor has officially but me on moderate bed rest (on my feet no more than 6-hours a day) as a percaution so that we have the best chance of making it all the way to the end (she must know me – it’s hard for this cowgirl to slow myself down) 🙂 So I am taking leave from work for half-days from here until my official leave starts in a month. That’s probably been the hardest part for me through this whole experience. I’m not very good idol. but have come to accept that my JOB is to keep these babies cooking for a little bit longer.

I have officially gained 37 pounds. Not too bad for twins but the doctors tell me to get ready to pack on about two pounds a week from here on out – Math hasn’t always been my favorite subject but by my calculations that is about 15 more pounds and that is going to put me right over 50 pounds in the end and that is right on track for twins.

This weight is good weight and not something I am worried about at this moment unless you count that I want these babies to pack it on because I don’t want runts, but instead BIG STRONG babies that don’t need NICU! SO BRING IT ON! 🙂

I LOVE our Legend and Taycie with all my heart already and am relishing in these quiet times I am spending alone in our house just thinking about them with the anticipation of how much will change when they get here. I feel confident that we are as best prepared as we can be for their arrival. They will be our complete. My faith is strong – stronger than it’s ever been.

Sparkle and Spur
Dustie Bill

“It’s hard to imagine having your own children in life, but when they are born you can’t imagine life without them.” ~Carl Sandburg

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Gray, White and Aqua Twin Nursery on a Budget

Even thought this project is a work in progress I just couldn’t help but show what we’ve done so far on the twins nursery. We decided to convert our “office” (ah-em) “junk room” into the babies oasis. When we first started cleaning it out to get it ready to be painted we were both surprised at the amount of “junk” we had actually acquired in such a small space. 🙂

The room before!!! I’m not sure what inspired me to paint this room green in the first place but YUCK! I never could get it set up the way I wanted to and actually enjoy it.
Green Room

Jordan worked so hard at painting the room while I was at work during the day. We went with Sherwin Williams paint in the color Unique Gray.

Then it was time to assemble the cribs. We were so blessed to find one crib/4-in-one bed for the perfect price of $100 and the other one for free! That’s what I’m talking about! Even though the babies will most likely be sharing a crib for the first several months I wanted to have the room all set up for when Jordan leaves for baseball season. I didn’t want to master the task of setting up the other crib with two babies on my hands when I have the help now.

Crib assembly

Radar Baker was a HUGE help with this project if you can tell. 😉

Radar help

Once the cribs were in there I realized how BIG the cribs were and how small our room was. I was worried that the cribs would be all that we could fit in the room. But my husband (the ever analytical one) was a huge help with this puzzle and one day I came home to it all set up! Praise!!

Even though there are some last minute pictures to hang on the wall, and odds and ends we’re going to add for the most part the nursery is all organized and we’d be ready to rock and roll if these babies came today! Whalah!!

The twins Gray, White and Aqua nursery on a budget…..
My favorite part and most expensive thing in the nursery is the roan cow-hide rug on the floor that I found for a great bargain on ebay. I HAD TO HAVE IT!

Taycies’s crib: Pottery Barn bumper, gifted Pottery Barn sheet, etsy.com bed skirt

Legends Crib: Pottery Barn bumper, gifted Pottery Barn sheet, etsy.com bed skirt

The gliding rocker belonged to my dad but it had the most hideous cushions ever. I thought finding replacement cushion would be easy but boy was I wrong. It was almost cheaper to buy a whole new chair. A dear friend of ours re-covered it in Gray so that I could salvage it for the nursery! It turned out PERFECT! I found the little foot pouf on sale at Kohl’s.

All of this furniture I had around my house in other rooms and we pulled it into the nursery. The dresser was my moms as a little girl and I love it so much that even though it was a little big I knew that it could also double as our changing table! (Forgive the mess on top)

I got label happy to help my husband and visiting “helpful” guests along.

Perfect place for books, toys and special nick-nacks!

Label happy but it’s so helpful already to know where things go.

Another quirky thing I just had to have was this oversized gummybear lamp that has three settings. I figure it will be perfect for those late night diaper changes.

This closet is a work in progress as we plan on adding some more bars, a shelf, and some storage to the bottom for blankets. Seeing their little clothes in there already gets me kind of emotional! Event though it’s hard to see because of the lighting I also made a hairbow holder on the right side of the closet to keep Taycie’s hair bows organized. I pray the child isn’t like her momma and has some hair when she is born! 😉 I also plan to put up an antique doorknob on the left side of the closet to help secure the curtain back.

Little headband holders I made to help round up all those cute headbands and I also LOVE this Cloud B sleep turtle. I go into the nursery at night at turn it on to watch the lights on the walls, hear the ocean and take some time to reflect on what is coming our way soon. I hope these babies enjoy it as much as I have been.

We’re getting there. I’m SO thankful for my husbands hard work, muscles and servants heart. I’ve loved everything we’ve put into this project and what the end results have turned out to be. We are blessed!

Sparkle and Spur,
Dustie Bill

“Read me a story, tuck me in tight, say a sweet prayer, and kiss me goodnight.” ~Anonymous

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Chalkboard Bump-Dates through 22 Weeks

As I sit down to update the blog it really hit me on how fast his pregnancy seems to be flying by. I have loved being pregnant! What an amazing experience. We are in the process of organizing the house and getting the nursery all painted and set up. I’ll be posting that next. We’ve been having a lot of fun with that!

The babies have been named: Legend Beecher Baker and Taycie Anne-Marie Baker. Both babies middle names come from family and with a story. I just LOVE that!

We have both got to feel the babies kick from the outside (so exciting), we have attended the childbirth class (scary), gone on a tour of the hospital we will deliver at (not scary), registered for the babies needs (overwhelming) and we have been praying over these two blessings that everything continues to go smooth (my husbands spiritual leadership is a blessing).

I have also been feeling great, the doctor appointments have been boring (GREAT news) and the Mr. and I have been enjoying date nights on the regular while we can (LOVE this part).

Week 20_1

Week 21

Week 22

I have been reading and researching a lot about twins and in the mean time I have found out a lot on my own so far. The biggest differences between a twin pregnancy and my friends who have had a single pregnancy are

1. Exercise isn’t that important when you are carrying multiples. My doctor has told me that walking, swimming and light stretching are OK, but that rest is more important than active exercise. I thought that was very interesting since I’m always reading about working out while pregnant in the magazines.

2. Twin pregnancies have increased risks and more prenatal appointments. Every pregnancy has risks but having twins can increase those risks. Every time I turn around I feel like I am at the doctors office. The pro to that is I feel like me and the babies have been getting the up-most care and I have gotten to know my doctor very well. I go every two weeks to my regular doctor and to the high-risk doctor for now, and after 30 weeks I’ll be seeing them both EVERY WEEK to make sure everyone and everything is looking good.

3. Drink at least 10 glasses of water a day. This is something that I’ve had to be VERY conscious of. My doctor said that rest and water is what will keep me from going into pre-term labor. I’ve been drinking HEAVY! 😉

4. I need a lot more vitamins and calories. I’ve had to up my vitamin intake since there are two babies and I’ve also been allowed 600 extra calories a day, 300 per baby. YAHOO! Never in my life have I had doctors orders to eat MORE, and by more they mean salads, fruits and veggies but this also helps me justify sneaking in a Braum’s Milk Shake or a cupcake every now and then. OK, maybe every week! Hey, Ice-cream is Calcium if you ask me!

5. Limited to NO travel. This really surprised me. I was in the throws of planning a babymoon to the islands and had been hearing all about my friends who had traveled up until week 30, only to be shot down by doctors orders of no travel. She reminded me of the no-stress and more rest rule.

6. Everything needs to be prepared WAY in advance. According to the March of Dimes, 60% of twin pregnancies are born prematurely (less than 37 weeks), with the average twins born at 35 weeks. So the doctor told us to be prepared for anything and have the “go-bag” packed, car seats installed, cribs ready to go. I’m 23 weeks and we are getting prepared.

In the beginning all I thought was different was that I was going to be much bigger and have smaller babies than a single pregnancy. Only slightly true, I have been measuring bigger but I have met women who have big ole’ twin babies too! I’ve been slathering on the lotion like. every. hour. At 22 weeks I am measuring 25 weeks.

The shock of having two babies has finally worn off a bit and seeing their little clothes all organized in the closet is getting me more excited. Now that the cribs are set up and the room is all painted I find myself going in the nursery and soaking it all in which has helped make this dream seem more real. Most days I still can’t believe we are being blessed with two sweethearts. Until then we’ll just be waiting for Legend Beecher and Taycie Anne-Marie to make their real debut into the world.

Sparkle and Spur

Dustie Bill
“The day I decided my life was magical, there was magic all around me.” ~Marabeth Quin

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Bump Date – Half Baked 18 weeks

I have heard it time and time again – all my mom friends said it would – but here I am saying that I can’t believe how fast this pregnancy has already flown by, and with that how blessed I feel to have had such a smooth and good ride so far! Since it’s twins we are half way through! I am 18 weeks!

Week 17

Week 18

To celebrate the half way point my friend Rockin’ Sara wanted to take us to the pasture real quick one evening and snap some photos of the bump. I talked my husband into it with the promise of a good dinner afterwards. He’s always a good sport – I mean….he did marry me! 🙂



He makes my heart sing! 🙂




We played in the suns rays and she rocked the camera like a rockstar. I feel so lucky to have a friend like Sara who has helped us celebrate all of the wonderful things that have happened in our lives and wiped the tears on the not so great things. She’s what a true friend is all about and she makes me want to be a better friend. She’s the purest example of friendship that I could show these babies when they get here.







I’m just trying to soak it all in, bask in the glow of our blessings and relax for the end half of this pregnancy until we get to meet our bundles. In all the unknowns and all the anticipation that bringing children into the world brings one thing is for sure God is good all of the time – this is what I do know.

Sparkle and Spur
Dustie Bill

~ “It’s not only children who grow. Parents do too. As much as we watch to see what our children do with their lives, they are watching us to see what we do with ours. I can’t tell my children to reach for the sun. All I can do is reach for it, myself.” ~Joyce Maynard

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