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Cowgirl Soul Photography

Dustie S Baker
Shawnee, OK 74801

Facebook: Cowgirl Soul Prints

Instagram: @dustiebill


3 Responses to Contact Me

  1. MacKenzie Hickox says:

    Hi Dustie!
    I dont know if you know this, but i am HUGE into photograpy just like you! I just got a brand-new camera; a Canon Rebel 2Ti. I like to photograph my umpire….hahaha… along with many others, i have my best pictures framed in my room. I also like to photograph people, and nature. Anyways, i LOVE your photographs! I love how they capture the meaning of life and how important family really is. Clouds are something else i love to photograph, and i love the pictures you have of the landscape because the sky is just so beautiful. You have inspired me and gave me new ideas to experiment with in my photography. The photographs of you and Jordan are adorable, you guys are so good together and i cant wait to see you guys in January! Merry Christmas and Happy New Years! Tell Jordan Happy Birthday on the 23 for me, ill be out of the country. Can wait to see you. Thanks for all the photographs, they’re beautiful!
    ~MacKenzie Hickox

    • dustiebill says:

      MacKenzie thank you for your sweet encouragement I’m so glad that you like them. This is great! I had no idea that you loved photography too! 🙂 I love taking pictures of the skies as well! Look at what all we have in common…..Umpires are my favorite subject because of the action! 😉 haha! Jordan will be so happy to hear from you. I will tell the old man Happy Birthday from you…he’ll be the BIG 3-0!! Keep it up with your photography. I’d LOVE to see some of it. You lucky little traveler you, be safe on your adventures…take LOTS of pictures and we can’t wait to see you guys in January! 🙂 XOXOX

  2. Meehaan says:

    Hello! You should definitely travel to Charlottesville, Virginia and take pictures (of me because all your pictures are gorgeous and I’ve never had a real photo shoot before) of our good, ol’ Virginia country side. The Blue Ridge Mountains make for a beautiful backdrop! I have pictures on my blog if you don’t mind scrolling through all the text. Also, I am interested in investing in a camera; I don’t want something that is going to cost me an arm and a leg because I am going to college next year. But I am obsessed with taking pictures and I would love to have a nice, digital camera that isn’t my iPod (even though the camera on it is pretty good!). What would you suggest?

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