Gray, White and Aqua Twin Nursery on a Budget

Even thought this project is a work in progress I just couldn’t help but show what we’ve done so far on the twins nursery. We decided to convert our “office” (ah-em) “junk room” into the babies oasis. When we first started cleaning it out to get it ready to be painted we were both surprised at the amount of “junk” we had actually acquired in such a small space. 🙂

The room before!!! I’m not sure what inspired me to paint this room green in the first place but YUCK! I never could get it set up the way I wanted to and actually enjoy it.
Green Room

Jordan worked so hard at painting the room while I was at work during the day. We went with Sherwin Williams paint in the color Unique Gray.

Then it was time to assemble the cribs. We were so blessed to find one crib/4-in-one bed for the perfect price of $100 and the other one for free! That’s what I’m talking about! Even though the babies will most likely be sharing a crib for the first several months I wanted to have the room all set up for when Jordan leaves for baseball season. I didn’t want to master the task of setting up the other crib with two babies on my hands when I have the help now.

Crib assembly

Radar Baker was a HUGE help with this project if you can tell. 😉

Radar help

Once the cribs were in there I realized how BIG the cribs were and how small our room was. I was worried that the cribs would be all that we could fit in the room. But my husband (the ever analytical one) was a huge help with this puzzle and one day I came home to it all set up! Praise!!

Even though there are some last minute pictures to hang on the wall, and odds and ends we’re going to add for the most part the nursery is all organized and we’d be ready to rock and roll if these babies came today! Whalah!!

The twins Gray, White and Aqua nursery on a budget…..
My favorite part and most expensive thing in the nursery is the roan cow-hide rug on the floor that I found for a great bargain on ebay. I HAD TO HAVE IT!

Taycies’s crib: Pottery Barn bumper, gifted Pottery Barn sheet, bed skirt

Legends Crib: Pottery Barn bumper, gifted Pottery Barn sheet, bed skirt

The gliding rocker belonged to my dad but it had the most hideous cushions ever. I thought finding replacement cushion would be easy but boy was I wrong. It was almost cheaper to buy a whole new chair. A dear friend of ours re-covered it in Gray so that I could salvage it for the nursery! It turned out PERFECT! I found the little foot pouf on sale at Kohl’s.

All of this furniture I had around my house in other rooms and we pulled it into the nursery. The dresser was my moms as a little girl and I love it so much that even though it was a little big I knew that it could also double as our changing table! (Forgive the mess on top)

I got label happy to help my husband and visiting “helpful” guests along.

Perfect place for books, toys and special nick-nacks!

Label happy but it’s so helpful already to know where things go.

Another quirky thing I just had to have was this oversized gummybear lamp that has three settings. I figure it will be perfect for those late night diaper changes.

This closet is a work in progress as we plan on adding some more bars, a shelf, and some storage to the bottom for blankets. Seeing their little clothes in there already gets me kind of emotional! Event though it’s hard to see because of the lighting I also made a hairbow holder on the right side of the closet to keep Taycie’s hair bows organized. I pray the child isn’t like her momma and has some hair when she is born! 😉 I also plan to put up an antique doorknob on the left side of the closet to help secure the curtain back.

Little headband holders I made to help round up all those cute headbands and I also LOVE this Cloud B sleep turtle. I go into the nursery at night at turn it on to watch the lights on the walls, hear the ocean and take some time to reflect on what is coming our way soon. I hope these babies enjoy it as much as I have been.

We’re getting there. I’m SO thankful for my husbands hard work, muscles and servants heart. I’ve loved everything we’ve put into this project and what the end results have turned out to be. We are blessed!

Sparkle and Spur,
Dustie Bill

“Read me a story, tuck me in tight, say a sweet prayer, and kiss me goodnight.” ~Anonymous


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