BIG News!

I’ve been a little MIA from the blog for a couple of months because the Bakers have found out some pretty big news.

Baker Babies
We’re Pregnant!!

We found out pretty early and come to find out it’s because we’re not just expecting one blessing, but TWO. We are having twins!

I’m 13 weeks strong today – 93 days pregnant, but who’s counting?!

WK 4_June 29, 2012

5 weeks 002

6 weeks

Week 8

Here’s are the short facts:

Expecting was a welcomed surprise

Finding out it is twins was a shock

Yes, they are natural

Jordan’s family has twins but they actually come from the mothers side. After some genealogy research, SURPRISE I have lots of twins on my side too.

They’re due to make their arrival around Valentine’s Day (Spring Training doesn’t start until March – so I get Jordan for about a month before he has to go to work)

I haven’t felt that bad considering what the books and internet have told me about twins (I know – other pregnant women want to punch me)

I don’t mind when people touch my belly – It makes me feel like a lucky Buda statue at the restaurant

But I might just punch the next person in the face that asks “What are you going to do without your husband here?”

The answers I have crafted for the above questions are “You must not know me very well, I’m gonna Cowgirl up!”, “Skype is the new black” and “Ignorance is sometimes bliss – we just won’t know any different.” 😉

We find out the gender in two-short weeks. We have our bets placed but are thrilled any combination it turns out.

We are OVER the MOON!

Week 10

Week 11

Week 12

Week 13

We are excited and overwhelmed with how much support and love we already have when it comes to these Baker Babies.

We are truly blessed…..and this momma already can’t WAIT to get out from in front of the chalkboard and get her camera lens on these two already!

Until then maybe we’ll all get a kick outta how big this belly grows! Praying I can keep them cookin in there until 37 weeks. Thanks for the love!

Sparkle and Spur
Dustie Bill

“It’s double the giggles and double the grins, and double the trouble if you’re blessed with twins.” ~Unknown


About dustiebill

Born, raised and still trying to live life as an Oklahoma cowgirl. I have a travel loving soul and I LOVE photography. My blog has started out as a place for me to post my 365 photo-a-day challenge....I have now found a love for fine art. Specifically Horse or Western Inspired Photography. I love my husband, kids, DIY projects, horses, wine, lightening, post-it notes, colored sharpie markers, trolling garage sales, baseball, cooking, shopping, working outside in the garden and living a simple country life. If you own a piece of our work you own more than just a piece of art. Thank you for supporting cowgirls. Sparkle and Spur Dustie Bill
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4 Responses to BIG News!

  1. You look great – congrats Baker family!

  2. Congrats on the great news! I wish you and your hubby well on this exciting new journey you share. 🙂

  3. Carrie McKee says:

    Congrats, Dustie! Such exciting news! 🙂

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