Many more miles before we can sleep…

The life of an umpire can be lonely…’s definitely a spontaneous one…….not just the traveling and scheduling but also those times in the middle of the Thanksgiving holiday break while you’ve just sat down trying to enjoy a nice meal with your family during one of the only times you are home in the “off season” and that important conference call comes about the future of your career that needs to be taken outside so you can hear…….


As Jordan excused himself to take the phone call outside I stared at his empty chair and tried to capture the world swirling on without him…this is our normal…..and I LOVE the  supportive BAKER BUNCH who also knows the life of an umpire comes with a couple bumps and didn’t miss a beat! 🙂

 I’m always proud of Jordan but when I capture moments like this it makes me feel REALLY PROUD to support umpires – esp MY umpire!  I don’t know anyone else who’s taught me so much about taking things in stride, patience and commitment.  I’ve never known someone to put their whole heart and soul into something with such a gamble on the line and have the confidence, drive and desire to back it up like they do…..they don’t get to sit on the bench and take a break every other inning, they don’t have the luxury of getting to skip a step up the chain of command ladder of baseball, they don’t have the crystal ball telling them that they’re 10 years of service is going to make them a good living when it’s all said and done…….. and all the hotel points, frequents fliers and road miles, war stories lived and told in the world only slightly make up the hole in their hearts from missing family events, weddings, first steps and births.


No one said it was easy…..but when I see this look of determination on Jordan’s face as he listens so intently to what our future holds (and I also know that Jordan moved from the dark back alley to the front of the building so that we could still see him through the glass) 🙂 I know that it’s worth it – and HE ALWAYS will be!  

Sparkle and Spur

Dustie Bill

“When you get to your wits end, you will find, God lives there.”  ~Author Unknown

 “Everything will be okay in the end.  If it’s not okay, it’s not the end.”  ~Author Unknown

 “When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life that you have a thousand reasons to smile.”  ~Author Unknown


About dustiebill

Born, raised and still trying to live life as an Oklahoma cowgirl. I have a travel loving soul and I LOVE photography. My blog has started out as a place for me to post my 365 photo-a-day challenge....I have now found a love for fine art. Specifically Horse or Western Inspired Photography. I love my husband, kids, DIY projects, horses, wine, lightening, post-it notes, colored sharpie markers, trolling garage sales, baseball, cooking, shopping, working outside in the garden and living a simple country life. If you own a piece of our work you own more than just a piece of art. Thank you for supporting cowgirls. Sparkle and Spur Dustie Bill
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