Day 28- My heart

This is my hunny.  The umpire.  My fiancé and better half.  He makes me feel all mushy gushy, ooey gooey, sugar sweet and sappy – which is NOT who I think that I am when it comes to boys….but THIS boy in particular makes my heart beat a little faster, is the sweet in my tea, the cheese to my macaroni, the sunshine on my shoulders…YOU get the point!  He makes my heart sing a song I’ve never heard before… and sing it LOUD!

I LOVE his baby blues, that smile, his strong hands and I swoon when I see his big, tall 6’7” frame come through the door.   I’d take use him as my muse EVERYDAY if he was here.

Ohh yea… but he’s not here…That’s the terrible, no-good stinky thing that’s wrong with him….bc you KNOW I was trying to look for SOMETHING that made him not so perfect 😉 His job as a professional umpire keeps him on the roads and in hotel rooms for about 6 months out of the year….9 months if we’re lucky to get extra assignments.   It’s stinky…it makes me wanna cross my arms in front of my chest and pout, stomp my feet and throw a fit and be SAD, SAD, SAD that my umpire isn’t here….EXCEPT that’s not how cowgirls do it and that’s not how umpires do it either. 

My umpire taught this hard headed cowgirl a thing or two about patients, how life isn’t a race, how good things come to those who wait and how in the end hard work and commitment pays off.  He taught me that when you want something REALLY bad you have to have the heart to stick with it till the end.  He taught me how to let go of the things we can’t control  like schedules with work that keep us away from the ones we love and instead we celebrate the positives like when we do get to schedule trips to visit each other and the excitement of anticipation when the countdown clock is getting closer.  He taught me that there ARE good men out there still that do what they say and say what they do and most important of all he taught my heart how to trust and love again.  A hard feat for a man on the road and a girl who’s untrusting heart had seen “that show” before.     

He teaches me everyday to slow down and smell the roses – he’s good for my blood pressure and for my soul.  He’s a good man!

He lets me be ME….all of ME…not just the good parts we save to show the people we love.  The ugly, messy not so nice me…and he loves me anyways.  He makes me want to be a better me and have little me’s…. and he makes me know that true love does prevail in the end even when it’s not what we thought it’d look like.  Even when it’s really hard, not just when it’s easy and that’s how I know that this is the REAL MCCOY!  This is my heart!    

Sparkle and Spur



About dustiebill

Born, raised and still trying to live life as an Oklahoma cowgirl. I have a travel loving soul and I LOVE photography. My blog has started out as a place for me to post my 365 photo-a-day challenge....I have now found a love for fine art. Specifically Horse or Western Inspired Photography. I love my husband, kids, DIY projects, horses, wine, lightening, post-it notes, colored sharpie markers, trolling garage sales, baseball, cooking, shopping, working outside in the garden and living a simple country life. If you own a piece of our work you own more than just a piece of art. Thank you for supporting cowgirls. Sparkle and Spur Dustie Bill
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